About Us


Remember the world where kids played hopscotch, girls collected and swopped stickers and boys made paper airplanes? Memories of homemade paper fortune tellers, encyclopaedias filled with knowledge and summer filled days at the pool playing Marco Polo. In today’s technology driven world I found myself aching for the simpler life of days gone by. Staring at a photo of little me, I was drawn to the jersey I was wearing – a blue sweater with a huge Rainbow Brite picture on the front. My Granny had made it – a true labour of love, and I remembered how much I adored all the things she used to knit me. I felt inspired to recreate the past adding a splash of the present, a dash of nostalgia and a whole heap of love. This is the story of Linus & Lulu.

Today we are a recognised brand known for our beautiful crochet and knitted shoes, our attention to every little detail and our love for what we do. We are always creating and looking for inspiration and will continue to bring you superb quality products that are always that little bit more of a special something.

When our product leaves our home we are happy in the knowledge that they have gone to a new home for somebody’s gorgeous, precious baby.

 And that’s kinda cool.